You can improve the "waves" animation by hitting your browser's back button, then forward button. It aligns the waves in separate lanes. Some browsers don't synchronize the animation cycles of the various GIFS, but you can force them to do so by re-entering the page after it has been fully loaded one time. Now go see my JUST ADD MORE LANES page

GIF Construction Set Professional by Alchemy Mindworks

Here's an Animation How-to site

The GIF animation loops on the Traffic Waves page were made using the excellent Gif Construction Set shareware from Alchemy Mindworks.
$20 (in 1999)

Self-caused slowdown:

[Rubbernecker slowdown persists forever, even without rubberneckers]

Stable "stop-waves":
[traffic wave animation]

Same road, same inflow, but two stable states:
Unjammed "zipper merge," and jammed "taking turns."

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